What To look Out For If You’re Optimizing Your Pages For Google Image Search: “Bloggers Exploit Google Image Search” By Dr. Ken Envoy

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My daughter has been using Site Build It! to grow her Web site about the Caribbean island of Anguilla for four years.  Now 18, she has averaged only 1-2 hours per week on Anguilla-Beaches.com.

She is found for over 12,000 keywords related to Anguilla and has one of the “Big 4” sites about Anguilla.  The site receives thousands of visitors per day and has the highest Alexa traffic ranking of any Anguilla-related site.

Besides traffic from “text search,” she also has many first-page SERPs for Google Image search.  So she generates a ton of image search traffic, including searches for celebrities who visit the island.

But recently she had the misfortune for Google’s image search for Jay-Z to put her site at Page 1, #1. Why “misfortune”?…

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