Free Advertising, is it worth it or not?

By: Paul Ranger  

Free advertising is not worth going after because you get what you pay for.  You must spend good money on advertising if you want quality traffic to your website… This was basically the advise given by the owner of a “home based business” blog to his readers, Which I read several hours ago. 

He is correct in one sense and wrong in another.  There are some places on the web such as free classified sites where,  you would be better off standing at a street corner and hand out circulars to advertise your business, because they are a waste of your time.  You just would not get the targeted traffic if any at all you would need for your site.

However being in the generic listing on the first page of a result page when a searcher/potential customer is looking for your product on  search engines such as Google or Yahoo is free traffic worth acheiving.  This, as you know, is not an easy thing to accomplish, but, it can be accomplished through methods such as writing articles and submitting them to article directories although, this is getting harder because of saturation.  Another method is exchanging links. Google still rates your site based on how many high ranking links you have coming into your site.

Another source of free traffic is satisfied customers.  A satisfied customer will either return to your site and or will tell others about you.  A good recommendation from a satisfied customer is as good as gold.

Now on the other hand if you are starting out with much money to spend, by all means spending on search engine advertising or e-zine ads.  Just be sure to watch how much you spend vs how much you’re making. the cost could add up fast, especially on google.

Not everyone has a big budget to work with in the early days of an internet business, or even an off-line business.  I can identify with that. that is why I believe in exploiting the quality free avenues as much as possible.  I’ll talk about it more later.

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