Making Money On The Internet Without A Website Or Product Of Your Own

Author: Paul Ranger

You want to make money on-line as soon as possible, but You don’t have a website of your own, and you have no clue what you are going to sell. Have no fear. Thanks to affiliate marketing you can still take part in the ever-expanding e-commerce world and make a nice living even without a website or a product. With affiliate marketing you can do without either one until you become established.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is taking another company’s(Affiliate site) product and/or service and promote it as if it is your own. The company then pays you a commission when the customer you’ve directed to their website makes a purchase. The good things about this type of marketing are these; You do not have to stock or store products, some products are delivered instantly to the customer through downloads, and you don’t need to have a website to profit from this.

How do you get paid? When you join an affiliate program they will give you a unique code that identifies you and only you. You are the only one with that code. This code is embedded in the link that you use to send traffic to that site. When the prospect/customer clicks on your ad or link and goes to the affiliate website, that code goes with them, and when they make a purchase you are credited with the sale.

Marketers with their own websites place affiliate links on their pages (Among other marketing techniques) to the affiliate sites.

If you don’t have a website, you can bypass that roadblock by doing this; You will take the link that is generated for you only and place it in an ad on any platform(website) that will allow you to post ads that does not link to a website owned by you, but can instead go directly to the affiliate website whose products you are promoting. For example; if you are promoting personalized cell phone cases for an affiliate website called I was writing this did not exist) When you join their affiliate program they will give you an affiliate link with a code that identifies you. You write an ad and place it in an ezine with your link that has your unique code.

When people see your ad for personalized cell phone cases, then click on the link that has your unique code, it will take them to the affiliate website (, which are the people who gave you the unique code. When the customer goes and buys a cell phone cover, you will be given a commission which is a percentage of the sale, for sending them there. You will be paid your portion for that sale and they didn’t have to go to a website owned by you.

In my opinion, however, not having a website should only be a temporary situation, because there are a couple disadvantages in not having a website of your own.

One disadvantage of not having a website is; there are some platforms like PPC(Pay Per Click Advertising) websites that do not allow you to post ads that go directly to an affiliate website especially if when they land at that site, there is an obvious sales letter. The PPC Websites prefer that you provide content containing information about your product before your customer is sent to a sales page. When you have your own website you control that situation if the affiliate website does not provide a content page for you. When you don’t have a website that solves this problem, you are limited to only sites that don’t have the content first requirement. You don’t want to limit your sales because you can only advertise in some site only.

Another disadvantage of not having your own website is; you are limited if you decide to install an autoresponder to collect email addresses. If you are sending customers to an affiliate site directly, what you are doing is losing the opportunity to sell to those customers in the future after you managed to convince them to go to the affiliate website. You will never get a chance to interact with them and make future sales from that relationship if you don’t have their email address. An autoresponder will do that for you when you implement a strategy correctly to do that. Yes, you can use autoresponders that are installed on another company’s website, however if you want the option to have your own so you won’t be charged hundreds or thousands of dollars each time you do mailings to your email list, then it’s best to have a website of your own so you can install one on your website.

You must educate Yourself. Affiliate marketing is nothing new on the web. Some have tried it and have failed mainly because their technique was off target. You can make a lot of money through affiliate marketing, but you must learn what to do and not to do when promoting your chosen affiliate program, then put it into action. There are books and courses such as Charlie Page’s mini course that mentions the subject of affiliate marketing and books about marketing on the Internet in general, most of which will cost less than tuition at your favorite university. Those who have made money through this online method obviously should be your mentors. This advice may sound like an insult to your intelligence, but many people approach marketing on the Internet as if they are playing the lottery and as we all know, success from the lottery depends on dumb luck.

You don’t need to have a website to make money However, if you want more options, it will be better to have a website of your own as soon as you can. Your no website situation should only be a temporary one.

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