5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Second Job

If you are one of the people who are working second and third jobs in order to make ends meet, ask yourself this question, Is the second and third job solving the problems it was intended to solve? Maybe you wanted to catch up with the out of control bills, to help pay the high mortgage, to pay the high interest credit cards, to get out of debt and save some money for the future. Perhaps it worked in the beginning, but some unexpected situation caused you to spend some more money that you couldn’t afford to spend, and it set you back again. Before you know it, you are right back where you started in the first place, on the treadmill to nowhere. Here are five good reasons why you should quit wearing out your body with a 2nd and 3rd job.

1. Save Your Health

What kind of toll is working two or three jobs taking on you body? do you get enough sleep. Are you always tired? Have you ever been behind the wheel of a car when you were sleepy? You fell asleep, you don’t know when because it happened so fast, then you woke up just in time to avoid a crash. You avoided disaster, but the next time you fall asleep at the wheel, it could be your last day alive. I have witnessed the aftermath of such vehicle accidents and the scene was very ugly and it was sad, knowing it could’ve been avoided.

The long term effects may not be felt now, but over time, it may cost you your health. What good is there in working so hard only to end up spending all that money on medical bills, if any is left? You should stop abusing your body now. Later may be too late after the damage is done.

2. Save The Family Relationship

What about time for the family? Do you get enough quality time with the family? How often do your children and your spouse see you? When they do manage to see you, can you stay awake long enough to interact with them? If you have been in this situation I don’t have to convince you that this route is not the most pleasant way to get out of debt. You know it can be miserable and depressing unless you don’t mind being in misery and risking losing your good health. If you have never worked multiple jobs and are thinking of doing so in order to catch up, I admonish you, don’t do so. There is a better way.

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3. It Is Better To Leverage Your Time

You are only one person. You could use a machine and make unlimited copies of yourself, then the many duplicates of yourself could each go out each day and earn a living at multiple jobs. At the end of the week you all will come home with paychecks and deposit them into your bank account, because you all would have the same goal. Sounds great right? Unfortunately, Right now, such a human duplicating machine only exists in science fiction, therefore you will have to do the next best thing. You will have to leverage your time by having a presence in many places at the same time, every day, 365 days per year without working for someone else. You can leverage your time with an online business. Because your website can be seen everywhere in the world where there is internet service your presence can be there also, without you being there. you can operate your online business from home or anywhere, on your computer, phone or tablet. When you build the right on-line business, it will allow you to eventually work less, and be home with the family more.

The possibility exists for you to make more money from an online business than you could ever make by working two and three jobs. Remember, the boss will only pay you what he/she thinks you are worth or at least the minimum the law allows. With a business of your own the sky’s the limit for the amount of money you can earn.

There are almost countless possibilities and directions you can take in order to make money online. The main categories of things to sell online could include tangible goods, services, and downloadable products or digital products. These categories can then be broken down into subcategories and some can be further broken down into more categories under those subcategories.

Tangible products are items you can touch and feel. They have to be mailed to you like products bought from Amazon, eBay and websites like those. Services could include a matching/dating service, office services such as typing, transcribing and other office services.

Digital downloadable products are items such as ebooks, music and software(apps) The customer can download them immediately after purchase. No waiting for a delivery truck. You are not limited to any of the services or products I have just mentioned. there are many more possibilities or you can create your own.

4. You Can Take More Vacations Without Feeling Guilty

Some people will not take a vacation. If you are like me who have felt guilty when I took a rare vacation, and worried about spending too much money because the bills would become due shortly, then I understand why vacations for you are difficult to take, especially when you have 2 and 3 jobs. If you want to take a vacation, you will have to ask for time off. You will have to ask 2 and three bosses for the same time off. Such synced up time off may be difficult to achieve. All your jobs have to agree to the same time, and they may give you a difficult time with your request. If you and your spouse or significant other are taking a vacation together, their time off have to be synced up with your time off also. However, when you have a profitable business especially one that is set up to run on automatic whether you are operating it or not, you can take as many vacations as you like. No permission is needed from a boss. If you want to take a working vacation and do a little work online while on vacation you can. No guilt. The money still comes in regardless. No worry. .

5. Tax Advantages

There are certain Federal and maybe State and local tax advantages that are extended to you when you own a business. However, since I am not a lawyer or a tax professional, I cannot advise you on such matters. I strongly urge you to consult with them to find out what the advantages are. You will find that you will not be able to take advantage of them when you only have a job.

What You Can Do Now Rather Than Later

If you are new to the world of online business/internet marketing and you are a complete novice and even if you are an experienced marketer it is always a good idea to sharpen your skills and learn more about internet marketing. Just when you think you know enough, here comes more possibilites.

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Sure, it may take a little while to build your online business to profitability. It depends on how fast you work and how committed and hungry you are for success. However, if you make make a change today and start doing something different other than working two and three jobs, things will start to change for the good. If you don’t, you will be doing the same thing and getting the same result a year or two from now. Now is the best time to start in a new and better direction of success. The sooner the better. Putting it off only delays your success. Watch the ClickBank University Video and learn how to make money on CLICKBANK Here Now!

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