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From my last post you may get the impression that I’m obsessed with search engine traffic, Well… I am, especially with free search engine traffic, but, only to a certain point. I recognize how important to the bottom line free search engine traffic is. Therefore striving to get traffic from that source is something worth going after. Keeping in mind the difficulty of the task however, one should not fail to exploit other avenues of free internet traffic simultaneously.

Do not be afraid to be creative with old sources such as forums and new ones such as blogs and video posting sites. Be sure to leave your “anchor text link” which points back to your site when you contribute to the disscussions, that is, if the site owner will let you leave a anchor text link.

I will elaborate more on posting and anchor text links on later posts, right now I want you to take a look at a guy who just a few days ago posted a video on, promoting the “internet lifestyle” called “Google Cash Strikes back” As I was writing this, it had gotten 201,028 views

This is the guy who’s ebook “Googlecash” introduced me to earning money by placing text ads on google and yahoo, even without a website of your own. Then things got difficult in this area of affiliate marketing because of Google’s constant changing and other factors. Many were not making the big money they used to make. Something had to be done to correct this.

He then developed a software which he says will put the affiliate marketer back on the road to earning big money. You can get the full story from his free report here: “Google Cash Strikes Back, Free Report and Video! You can also watch the video while you are there!

This video is a good example of how to get free traffic from a video posting site. remember it got 201,028 views in about ten days and lots of traffic because of those views.

Untill I learn how to post the video directly on this blog you will have to watch it by following the link. When I get it at this site I’ll edit this post to reflect that. Again the Video link is Google Cash Strikes Back, Free Report and Video!
I DID IT !!! I was able to get the video working on this site. see it below!
You can get the free report here at: “Google Cash Strikes Back” Free Report.
Put the video on pause if you don’t want to see it twice!

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