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The Modern Day Gold Rush
The year was 1849 and in California the gold rush was on. In the previous year James W. Marshall, a carpenter, discovered gold while building a sawmill in the Sacramento Valley. His partner John A. Sutter wanted to keep it a secret, but ...Click here to Read more
A Much Overlooked Traffic Generator
If you sell products on, you already know that many people visit your site and leave without bidding. You have already paid your listing fee and other fees to market on Ebay. Since it will not cost you any more money, why not get the e-mail addresses of these internet window shoppers  and market to them for free...Read more here
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E-zine Advertising, An Affordable Alternative To Google
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E-zine Advertising, An Affordable Alternative to Google
You would like your website to be at the top of the search engines result page, that way, you can get some free targeted traffic, and save $$money...READ MORE HERE!
Free Advertising, Is It Worth It Or Not?
By: Paul Ranger
Free advertising is not worth going after because you get what you pay for.  You must spend good money on advertising if you want quality traffic to your website… This was basically the advise given by the owner of a “home based business” blog to his readers, Which I read several hours ago.
He is correct in one sense and wrong in another... READ MORE
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